Startapp: A Great Android Ad Network For The Android App Developers

App developers are in the business because they want to make money and they really derive this. They put their so much effort in making apps so that we can enjoy them on our Android phones. But due to the negligence of people in buying premium apps; it gets difficult for the developers to android monetization. There are a number of solutions but it depends upon you that using which method you are going to choose to take the advantage.

Three Excellent Cloud Storage Providers

I can’t remember how many times I’ve lost all my much needed data over a computer crash or power shortage. We usually think that our information is protected, but I hate to break it to you, computers are not as safe as the impenetrable Gringott’s bank. As a matter of fact, freak accidents are so frequent that you might end up losing all of last week’s last work. Sure, there are certain data back-up programs that might help you recover some of your missing files, but in most cases there is nothing you can do to save information that has been corrupted. Furthermore, if you are a business and data storage is essential, you might end up spending fabulous amounts of money for data storage devices which become quickly outdated. It is time like this when you realize the importance of Cloud Storage.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is an online data storage service offered by various cloud computing companies. They are excellent choices for people who need to back-up a lot of data, who need to share documents with other colleagues and who simply do not wish to invest money in things they do not need. All you need to access the data on the cloud is internet connection and the login details. As the competition for the top spot as cloud storage provider becomes more heated, developers have started to implement auto backup, auto sync and advanced file sharing features. Let’s take a look at three excellent cloud storage providers.

1. Drop Box

  • Initial Free Storage: 2GB
  • Max Free Storage: 16GB
  • Price for 20 GB: $29.88 
  • Price for 100 GB: $59.88

Number one on the list is Dropbox because it is the cloud storage provider that my company uses, and it has never failed us. It is actually one of the most popular cloud storage providers because it is extremely simple to use. Furthermore, it can automatically sync files from Phones, computers and the Dropbox Website. Developers have been using it since forever, and they were never disappointed.

2. BOX

  • Initial Free Storage: 5GB
  • Max Free Storage: 50GB
  • Price for 20 GB: $29.88 
  • Price for 100 GB: $59.88

If you are looking for the best storage provider for documents, then Box is the best choice for you. The Box service has Scribd and Gmail integration, and this can only make things easier for bloggers and online journalists. With it you can easily share files among friends, co-workers, and other users from miles away. Nevertheless, the Box’s desktop version is only available for desktop users. This and GoogleDrive are without a doubt the best cloud storage providers for document sharing.

3. SugarSync

  • Initial Free Storage: 5GB
  • Max Free Storage: 32GB
  • Annual price for 60GB: $74.99 / $7.49 monthly 
  • Annual price for 100GB: $99.99/$9.99 monthly

SugarSync is arguably the most efficient synchronization service compared to other providers. It does not limit you to only one default folder, and you can choose which folders you want to sync across different mediums. Furthermore, syncs are always up-to-date, so you will not lose any data. It is the best choice for businesses, because the collaborative nature of this cloud storage provider will make it easier for workers to correlate their work.

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