Before starting a Blog

This is the major thing of all about your blog. When we start a blog it looks like an empty typingpad and nothing else. Just as you start adding content The blogs starts become mature.With the blogging you also need to do many things to make your blog well by all means like Proffessional looking,SEO,Site promotion, Backlinks and so on.
The future of a Blog is depend on the the blogging of Starting days. your starting days blogging will determine the future of your blog, Now I am clear the the some of the most important fact that you need to be focused when you start your blogging journey.

It is often seen that now all wants to make their own blog only in the very beging they don't think what type of blog they want to make and started to blogging about the very common subject because it seems to very easy containt can be gather from any website.This is the big mistake of such a blogger, This type of blog never got success. The blog having copy content never get the good visitor, a good number of reader and can't drive the traffic well.
Never start a Blog in a hurry. Before starting a blog you should first choose the topic on which you have to blog, and then start writing your blog by your own concept never use the copy can destroy your whole blog.
Regular posting on a particular subjuect and a niche with an original content is a key to become a successfull blogger and make your blog successfull.
It is not important that when you start blogging as well as start your monetizing with your blog at that time. At first you will need to make your audience,get Traffic for your blog. Once you should fell that now you have the all ingredients, from very that time you can start monetizing your blog.
This is the most important thing that make the good number of reader for your blog then if you start monetizing your blog.Because only having such a decent traffic for your blog, a good number of subscriber for your blog is a symbol of an active blog. and more chance to got approve for monetizing your blog.
Regular posting on a particular subjuect and a niche is a key to become a successfull blogger and make your blog successfull.

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  1. This article is dreadful. The author cannot write english correctly. Bad spelling.bad syntax,and bad grammar. He should have an editor who has english as his native tougue.
    Advice for blogging should be from a someone who has a perfect command over the written word.