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Blogger Search Preference for your Blogger blog
Good News for all Blogger User because Blogger has Introduced advanced SEO setting as a “Search Preferences” option for Blogspot blogs.  SEO option in Blogger blog is really a most awaited feature that blogger user was looking for since a long ago. The Blogger team has finally integrated some great SEO option within Blogger itself.

As a Blogspot user now you don’t need to add Meta Tags by editing your blog template,  ALT and Image tags by some tricky methods and more that you used to add manually.  Blogger added the Meta Tags, Alt tags for Images, Customize Robots.txt, Redirects and Customize 404 Not Found Page option.
By this Search Preferences now you can easily customize your 404 error pages with your own custom message, add meta tags for your each blog post and homepage as well, add ALT tags on your images and edit your robots.txt file as you want for better search preferences.
Only by the some SEO option Blogger blog was not consider as good as wordpress. But not anymore now, Blogger is now up to the mark and has great features that lets you allow to customize your search preferences more effectively.
What’s New in Blogger?

Here is the an overview of what all the new option Blogger has added to it’s settings.

#1.  Meta Description for Blog Homepage
#2.  Meta Description for Individual Post
#3. ALT and Title tags for Images
#4. Custom 404 Error Page
#5. Custom Redirects
#6. Custom Robots.txt
#7. Custom Robots Header Tags

How to Configure Search Preferences in Blogger/Blogspot

The new Search Preferences option is only available in new updated Blogger version. To enable this option for your blog Follow the step below.
Loging to your Blogger account > Select Blog > Settings > Search Preferences.
Check out the picture how it looks.

Blogger Search Preference for your Blog

Meta Description For Search Engine

This is the basic description about your blog that will be visible on search results of your blog’s Home page like this picture below.

Meta  Description should be a short description about your Blog and max 150 charaters in length. This is necessary if you want to enable meta description for individual posts.

Meta Description For Individual Post

This is one of best feature Blogger has added. Now you can easily add meta description for each and every individual post.  You can add meta description for each post while creating or editing the blog post. Click the Search Description on right side under the post Settings and enter the small description about your post. Check this picture below.

ALT and Title tags for Images

The ALT and Title tag is very important for indexing images into Google. Only ALT and Title tags implanted images are easily indexed by Google Images bots or Other Images Bots. You must have ALT and Title tag to every images on your blog. Here’s how you can set the ALT and Title tags to image from the posts editor.
Step#1.  Upload the images to your blog Post Editor.
Step#2.  Click on the Image you want to set ALT and Title tags.
Step#3.  A small menu will appear below the image now click on properties option.
Step#4.  Set the title text and alt text in the dialog box appeared and click on  OK button.

Custom 404 Error Page

This Custom 404 Error Page is one of the most awaited feature by Google and time to say Bye bye to Blogger default Error Page not found page. A 404 Not Found Page usually appears when visitor lands on a page that does not exist on your blog or URL mistake.  Now you can easily add Custom 404 Not Found pages to your Error Pages. Check this picture below how you can set a custom 404 page.

Custom Redirects

Custom redirects is also a great feature added to Blogger. It is useful when you want to redirect your visitors to another page from the page that is not exist now. It works as a 302 temporary redirect when you set this option for redirecting visitors.
To enable page redirection in your blog click on “New Redirect” and add the broken link URL in the first box and add the new link in the second box where you want to redirect your visitor. Check this picture below.

Nofollow Attribute Within Post

It is good to add “rel=nofollow” attribute to each and every external links from your blog to avoid giving link juice. Whenever you add external links from your blog post don’t forget to click on “Add rel = nofollow attribute” for proper SEO advantage. Check this picture below.

Custom Robots.txt

Robots.txt file helps you allow or block the search engine Robots to Crawl/index the pages. Now you can control what content you want to crawl or ignore by search engine. Not only this now you can use the robots.txt file to block search engines from crawling different parts of your blog like pages, archives, tags.  You can also add sitemap URL to BlogSpot’s robots.txt file for indexing. You can access the robots.txt file of any blog by visiting this url (
Warning!! If you don’t have much knowledge about this, never try to changing or Modifiying this file because it can effect the search engine visibility.

Read more about this here <LINK>

Custom Robots Header Tags

Warning!! Changing or Modifying the Robots Header Option may effect your Blog visibility in Search engine.
This is Robot tags is for control the search engine Robots means Allow or Block the Robots. By visiting Crawlers and indexing section in Search Preference tab you can set the Robots tags to Home Page, Archive/label pages and Post page. Check out this picture.

Custom Robots Tags for Individual Posts

Now you can also customize the custom Robots Header tag for each and every individual post while creating or editing post. Check this picture.
Here is the table explain the meaning of Each Custom robots header tags. 

There are no restrictions for indexing or serving. Note: this directive is the default value and has no effect if explicitly listed.
Do not show this page in search results and do not show a “Cached” link in search results.
Do not follow the links on this page
Equivalent to noindex, nofollow
Do not show a “Cached” link in search results.
Do not show a snippet in the search results for this page
Do not use metadata from the Open Directory project for titles or snippets shown for this page.
Do not offer translation of this page in search results.
Do not index images on this page.
Unavailable after: [RFC -850 date/time]
Do not show this page in search results after the specified date/time. The date/time must be specified in the RFC 850 format

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