Top 5 SEO Tips for Successful Bloggers

Blogging has become a big thing in the online community over the years. There are many ways to create your own website, or to just create an account on sites such as Some people blog for fun, but blogging can also be looked at as a business opportunity. 
Bloggers are quite influential to the general public since it has become the norms for most that when in doubt, just search for the answer online. The online community is a large one that breaks down the barriers of time zones and cultures. When you’re online, you’re looking for something and different people can lead you to what you’re looking for. If you want to increase the traffic and popularity of your blog, you’ll have to understand the people you’re catering to. Think about what they’ll search, what they’re looking for, and so on. I have prepared 5 basic tips for those who want to become successful in an ever-growing community of bloggers. Key rule: be original and try to stand out from the rest. The tips listed below are the very basics that will act as your stepping-stones to success, use these wisely. Successful bloggers are not that rare, there are quite a number of those well-known amongst thousands of users, and you can become a successful blogger as well. 

1.Selection of the keyword

To make the most of the title of the post, the keywords should be rich and clearly match the blog title. You should try to put the keyword at the beginning of the title since this is shown to give the best results and increases the repetition of the keywords. Avoid using long character titles that can make the blog title meaningless.
2.Selection of the Meta Tag

To improve the ranking of your blog, the Meta tag can also play a special role with the help of the Meta keywords. Meta tags gives information about your blog, but they are usually not directly visible to the visitor when they’re on your site. By using the keywords, the visitors come across the blog and that increases the traffic of the blog. 
3. Use of the Permalinks

As of rule, the permalinks generated by the blogger is based on the title of the different posts. By including keywords in the title, you’ll also include these in the permalinks thus increasing traffic and ease of search.
4. Use of the social bookmarking button

By adding the social bookmarking button on the webpage, you can increase the traffic on your website easily. This will help the website to increase it’s by letting people share it or like it if they found it useful. Once they share it, their friends will see it and possibly new visitors will come. You can also identify the social bookmarking behavior and visitor trends on your website to be able to optimize its use.
5. In-bounds links

The rank of the website on different search engines depends greatly on the in-bound links. It’s a great help to have other websites provide links to your website. You can list your website in directories, take part in some forums and provide your URL in your signature, or create natural links. Try to look into what method is convenient and best for you. 

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